Budget Venue Shopping at Home – 7 Legit Resources

Budget Venue Shopping at Home – Where to Find Your Dream Venue!

Venue shopping can be frustrating. Where do you even begin? Check out these 7 legit resources for budget venue shopping at home. We’ve compiled all the best online search tools for finding wedding and event venues. For each site we’ve listed, we also give you all the tips and tricks to make your search effective and easy. Your perfect venue is just a click away!

try shopping for your budget venue at home - 7 legit resources

1. Airbnb

While Airbnb wouldn’t be my first choice for venue shopping, it does provide an avenue for large property rental, and typically with a cheaper price tag. Airbnb can be tricky for venue shopping and is most useful when you use specific filtering techniques.


  • Use filter options:
    • Suitable for events. This filter option is usually under the “House Rules” search category.
    • To find larger properties, search by large bedroom number or person capacity.
    • Under the “Type of Place” tab, select entire place (have entire place to yourself). Large venues are more likely to fall under this category.
    • Under “Facilities” tab, select free parking on premises if you need space for traveling guests.
    • Sort by price. Select price range (i.e. between $500 and $1000+) on the higher end. Large properties are often $500+ per night.
  • Under details of the property, select “See more details”. Large properties open to hosting events will usually have a clause, like the image below.

online search tools for venue shopping on a budget

*Have a conversation with the property host about your intentions to hold an event and provide your guest count. You MUST get approved to host an event or you risk getting booted out or shelling out for a fine.

2. Splacer

try shopping for your budget venue at home - splacer

This is one of my favorite sites for event venues. It offers such a wide range of uncommon, creative, and special spaces. From luxury villas to theaters, you can find all types and sizes of properties here. The site is clean, simple, and super easy to use. Multiple filters help you find the info you need.

  • Spaces available across the US
  • Search by space type; guest count; size; price
  • Option to select venues that offer catering
  • Option to immediately request to book
  • Shows map so you can pinpoint a more precise location

3. Peerspace

peerspace - best search tools for finding budget venue from home

I love this site! Property managers independently list their spaces here so you get such a cool, eclectic variety of spaces large and small. Some of the spaces are bare bones and you’d have to provide your own catering, tables, decor, etc.

  • Great for the DIY or small wedding bride, as some of the spaces give you the option to provide all the decor yourself, perfect for a memorable and personal event
  • Also great for photo shoots as the spaces are one-of-a-kind and often empty
  • Downside is Peerspace is available mostly in larger cities. See locations here.
  • Search by activity type, location, and date

4. EventUp

best tools for finding venues at home  - event up

Premiere, unique, and modern spaces. EventUp offers a nice mixture of commercial spaces (but less hotels–more like theaters, breweries, even mansions!), and smaller, independent event spaces.

  • More limited in selection, as business owners and property managers independently list their properties here
  • Offers event spaces both large and small
  • Great place to look for wedding venues as the spaces are more posh and upscale
  • More expensive and more extensive options for those planning events in large cities

5. eVenues

best search tool for venues- evenues

.eEvenues tends to offer workspaces and conference areas, but it does provide recreational and wedding event spaces as well.

  • Provides detailed filters such as guest count; price range; room configuration; immediate booking; catering options

6. Cvent

cvent - best places to search for online venue

More commercially focused and offers mostly hotel venues and other commercial space like civic centers or casinos. Comes with the option to also reserve guest rooms in some hotel venues.

  • Search by event date, guest count, location
  • Request quotes straight from the site
  • Provides address of the venue

7. Parks or Public Property

search public places or parks for budget venues

The link above is to the LA City Department of Recreation and Parks, but if you live elsewhere there are tons of unique venue spaces on government property. For example, the Santa Barbara Courthouse is a beautiful place that hosts tons of weddings each year. Here are some other ideas to research near you:

  • Museums or libraries
  • City Hall
  • Public parks
  • Capitol buildings
  • Homes, yards, gardens
  • Vineyards
  • Breweries
  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs
  • Barns or farms
  • Schools or universities
  • Aquariums

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  1. These are such awesome and helpful tips, Em! Love how creative couples can be when searching for their perfect spot!

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