DIY Tutorial: Gold Magnolia Wreath

Gold Magnolia Wreath – A DIY Tutorial

I love all the decor that comes with the fall/winter season. This DIY gold magnolia wreath is no exception! You can get all your supplies on Amazon (links below). Enjoy this easy-to-follow picture tutorial to and enjoy this gold magnolia wreath along with me!

DIY Gold Magnolia Wreath

1. Set up your workstation


Gold metallic spray paint

Magnolia garland

Floral wire

2 large sheets of poster/posterboard

Optional – gold metallic berries

2. Spray paint select leaves.

1 Find a location outside to spray paint your leaves – away from cars or anything that can potentially be reached by overspray.

2 Using a piece of poster/posterboard as your working surface, place your garland on top.

3 Use your second piece of poster to isolate one leaf at a time. Arrange the leaf so the underside is facing up. With quick, even strokes, spray the back of the leaf with spray paint.

Work your way down the garland, spray painting every few leaves so the gold leaves will be evenly distributed along the wreath.

DIY Gold Magnolia Wreath

3. Connect ends of garland.

1 Overlap the ends of your garland, creating a round shape. I fed the straight end of my garland through the brown loop on the other end (first picture).

2 Using floral wire (or any other sturdy wire you have on hand), wrap the overlapping ends of the garland.

3 I created a small round loop on one end of my wire (picture on the left, above), wrapped it around the overlapping garland ends, and then fed the other end of my floral wire through the first loop. With that second end through the first loop, I created a second loop so that it was ultra secure inside the first loop (picture on the right, above).

DIY Gold Magnolia Wreath

4. Reshape.

Round out the wreath, tugging/pressing on certain sections until you have a nice circular shape.

5. Fluff and flip.

1 Fluff out the leaves so they’re evenly arranged and all flowing one direction.

2 Flip over the painted leaves to reveal the gold side. I also flipped some of the non-painted leaves so that the brown underside is showing.

To make reshaping easier and to ensure the leaves stay in place, position them using the wire stem at the base of the leaf

Work your way around the leaf, fluffing and flipping over gold leaves so your wreath has a nice even shape and distribution all the way around.


Optional: Add berries.

Add clusters of berries to areas of the wreath where leaves are more sparse or areas where the garland stem is exposed.

Wrap the wire around the stem of the garland and twist together in the back like a twist tie to secure.

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