How to Download Free Custom Fonts

Free custom fonts! A must for DIY brides.

Welcome to our tutorial on how to download free custom fonts. You can get free font from lots of different websites. This tutorial will show you how to download and use fonts from The process is the same for downloading fonts from other sites.

#1 find a font

Download Free Custom Fonts

1. Go to

2. From the homepage, you can search by genre (green circle), or if you know the name of a specific font, you can type it in the search bar (blue circle).

#2 download

1. Once you’ve found a font you like, hit the download button next to the font name (red circle).

#3 open zip folder

1. Next you’ll need to go to your computer’s download folder.

2. You’ll see a zip file with the name of your selected font (blue circle). Double click to open it.

#4 select a file

Download Free Custom Fonts

1. Once you’ve opened the zip folder, you’ll see various files. You’re looking for a “TrueType font file” (see red circle) or an “OpenType font file”.

2. *Note that TrueType font files only work through Windows and OpenType font files will work with either Mac or Windows platforms. Sometimes the zip folder will have just one type or they may have both TrueType and OpenType (for Windows, either will work). See green circle for an example.

Download Free Custom Fonts

3. Also worth noting—some zip folders will have several variations of the same font (like a narrow, bold, or decorative version)—see blue circle for an example. You can double click on the file to see the demo window and preview what the text looks like before you actually download it.

4. Double click the font file to open up the demo window.

*Different fonts have different terms of use, but most are free for personal use, so check the terms of use file just to make sure.

#5 preview and install

1. When the demo window opens, hit the “Install” button (red circle).

2. You can now close the demo window and your downloads file window.

#6 use your font

Download Free Custom Fonts

1. Open Word (or any other Microsoft Office program), find your downloaded font’s name in the font selection box, and voila! Custom font!

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How to Download Free Custom Fonts

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