The Stuff of Kings

For my best friend’s blog, she asked when I knew I wanted to marry Matt. I don’t know that there was an exact moment for me. I kind of just fell more and more in love with him each day, starting from the day I met him. Sounds mushy, but it’s true. I suppose, though, that I do have a short story about the first time the universe stepped in to assure me that indeed, Matt Menzer was made for me.

I saw this quote a year or two ago on social media that said
“My soulmate is out there somewhere – pulling on a push door. I just know
it.” I read that and was like Yes. Yes that’s for me.

the stuff of kings

As a female that grew up in the 90s, the consistent romantic message encouraged the expectation that we would be swept off our feet by a random, sexy, wealthy..and somehow, royal?..perfect guy (ahem, Disney–I’m looking at you). I think, that maybe, it took my generation a little longer to figure out that princes are actually very stressed out individuals with a lot of baggage and that finding a person who will join you in watching hours of The Office reruns while snorting with laughter is, truly, the stuff of kings.

Matt and I are both a little eccentric and intense, but in very different ways. A couple months into dating we were entering yet another burger joint that was new to Matt, but one of my favorite places that I had visited many times. And every time–I would always forget about this freaking door that they have; it’s got these giant handles but only opens inwardly by pushing. More specifically, this door was the bane of my existence.

This time, of course, was no different. Matt, in typical, enthusiastic-Matt fashion, leapt onto the sidewalk towards the entrance and just wrenched the shit out of the door, pulling on the giant handle that had betrayed me so many times before. I looked at him as I heard the jarring sounds of a commercial-sized door in protest. Naturally, this was combined with Matt yelling obscenities at the deception he’d just experienced. And I thought to myself, Oh. And there he is.

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